Duration: 70’
Dancers: Guadalupe Ponzelli, Gisela Seewald, Violeta Videla, Eva Icikson, Constanza Vieyto, Josefina Stellato, Leonardo Pankow, Demian García, Breno Márquez, Sebastián Fernández, Manuco Firmani
Musicians: Fulvio Giraudo (piano and musical direction), Nico Enrich (bandoneón), Humberto Ridolfi (violín), Cristian Basto (contrabajo), Ariel Varnerin, Agustín Fuertes (voces)
Technical Director: Marcelo Cuervo
Video and Photography Director: Nora Lezano
Musical Director: Fulvio Giraudo
Choreography Director: Lucia Ohyama
Artistic Direction and Choreography: Agustina Videla

The work was born as an original production of the city complex of Buenos Aires for their 2013 season.
During 2017 a choreographic fragment was performed at Centro Cultural Kirchner.
On 2018 Social Tango was part of the tv show “La Hora del Tango” and “Bailemos en el Hall” at the San Martín Theater. Social Tango was also part of the program of the Buenos Aires Tango Festival 2018.
On April 27th 2019 was premiere a new adaptation of the work at “Teatro de La Ribera” in Buenos Aires.

“This is a beautiful audiovisual experience in the broadest sense, which attracts audiences from different spheres – photography, dance and cinematic documentary – and provides an exquisite glimpse of a world of fascination with movement and the personal metamorphosis it can produce.