Ramon de Oliveira Cezar, founder and Managing Partner of RdeO Consulting LLC, has a wealth of experience advising corporate executives on strategy and effective communication with a wide range of stakeholders. After spending 25 years at JP Morgan, de Oliveira served as a director for various public and private companies in both for-profit and non-profit sectors. He also taught a course on strategy in financial services at renowned business schools such as Columbia and NYU.

De Oliveira Cezar currently holds directorships at AXA Insurance Group and Antin Infrastructure, a private equity firm. He is also a member of the investment committee for the Polish-American Freedom Fund. In 2021, he retired as Chairman of Equitable and Alliance Bernstein.
In 2009, de Oliveira co-founded the Foundation of the Louvre Museum in Paris and served as the chair of its investment committee for a decade. For this work, he was knighted by the French Government as a Chevalier des Arts et Lettres in February 2020.

Additionally, de Oliveira Cezar is an avid tango dancer, co-producing the show Social Tango in 2011 with professional dancer Agustina Videla and bringing it to North America in 2023.


Artistic Director and choreographer

Tango dancer, teacher and choreographer. She began her career in the show that represented Argentina at the Universal Exhibition in Lisbon (1998). From then on, she toured to give classes and exhibitions in the main cities of the United States, Canada and Europe.
In 2013 she took over the artistic direction of Social Tango Project.
In 2019 she co-directed her first dance short film, “Being” with more than 20 nominations in international dance-film festivals. In 2020 she published a book related to motherhood and human relationships. In 2021 she was the artistic director of a TV series dedicated to dance and philosophy broadcasted for public television in Argentina.
She co-directs the film “El tango, esos minutos de revancha” currently in post-production.


Musical Director

Pianist, composer, musical director and arranger dedicated to tango on stage for more than 25 years. Formed mainly as a chamber music performer, Fulvio was early introduced to tango by Arturo Penón, mythical bandoneonist of Osvaldo Pugliese’s orchestra. Since then he has been part of some of the best groups and orchestras in Argentina: Sexteto Mayor, Quinteto Grande, Rascasuelos, El Desquite, and Sexteto Sur. He has toured America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. He has also participated in the most renowned tango festivals in Europe and America. He has participated in numerous recordings as composer, arranger and performer. He has also composed institutional music for TV (Solo Tango channel), for different performances (Social Tango), and for cinema (Chau Buenos Aires).


Photography and Video Director

Photographer and visual artist. She began to develop her work in the 90’s, standing out in the rock scene. She made iconic portraits of renowned artists such as Charly García, Luis Alberto Spinetta and Gustavo Cerati.
In the theatrical field, she directed the shows “Relámpagos de lo invisible” and “Tapiz Pizarnik”; and together with Maricel Alvarez, Santiago Loza and Martin Churba “Yo tenía un alma buena”. She made the videos and stage photography for “Yo te vi caer”. In 2015 she presented FAN, a retrospective of her years in rock. In 2017, together with Andy Cherniavsky and Hilda Lizarazu, she presented the exhibition “Los ángeles de Charly”, organised by the National Ministry of Culture, celebrating the work of the musician Charly García. She presented her work in individual and collective exhibitions. Her work has been published in important national and international graphic media. She has given many talks and conferences in several universities. She independently published her book of texts “Sin sueño se duerme también”. She illustrates the RADAR supplement of the Página/12 newspaper.


Assistant Director

In more than 20 years of career, she has been part of many renowned shows as a dancer and choreographer but also as a director, assistant director and producer, among them: Social Tango, Charla-performance by Milena Plebs, Compañía Esencia, Tango Malambo, Compañía Mora Godoy, Tango and Fire and Una Noche de tango by the company Tango Sur, Señor Tango, Intenso Tango, Show de Cacho Castaña, Julio Iglesias World Tour and Dramatic Tango. She danced during the G20 summit at the “120th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Argentina and Japan”. In 2019 she is mentioned “Outstanding Nikkei of the year” in the art category (Mention awarded by the Argentinean Nikkei Centre). She was part of E.N.T.A., the national program of dancers. Since 2016 she has been working in the artistic and executive production of milongas, concerts and shows. Currently, she is a dancer in the show “Tango Pasión de Origen” at the renowned theatre Tango Porteño in Buenos Aires.


Technical Director

Since 1980 he has designed lighting in the most important theatres in Argentina and abroad, being part of international shows such as “Tango Argentino” at the Gershwin Theatre in New York, “Variaciones enigmáticas” at the Broadway Theatre, “Sorba” and “Applause” at the National Theatre, “The Producers” at the Lola Membrives Theatre, “Freud’s Last Session” at the Multiteatro in Buenos Aires, “Cabaret” at the Alcalá Palace in Madrid, “Evil Dance” at the Théâtre Chaillot in Paris. As a consultant in architecture, lighting and stage mechanisation he has worked in the best theatres in Argentina, Chile and Spain such as Esquina Carlos Gardel, Rojo Tango, Tango Porteño, Café de los Angelitos, Teatro El Nacional, Teatro Opera, Metropolitan 1 and 2, Broadway 1 and 2, Teatro Pellegrini, El Picadero, in Buenos Aires, Teatro Alcalá Palace and Carlos III in Madrid. He is also permanent stage consultant for the Teatro Nacional Cervantes in Buenos Aires. For the last 10 years he has been the technical director of the Musical “Tanguera” among other international productions.


Film Director

Co-Director with Maite Echave of Mulata Films, a production company dedicated to create documentary and fiction formats in the social and cultural area, with more than 20 years of experience.

He directed “Lying Truth”, “Grooming”, “Presents”, “The Klisberg report”, “Bibliómanos”, among other television series. His work as a director has received nominations for important awards such as the Emmy International Awards, Emmy Kids Award, Seoul International Drama Awards, the Japan Prize Award and the International Prix Jeussene, among others.

Mulata Films productions have been broadcasted by Canal Encuentro, TV Pública, Paka-Paka, Turner, Movistar, NAT GEO, Señal Colombia. Mulata Films has received the support of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture of Argentina, INCAA and Unicef.