Musical Director

Trained as a chamber music performer, Fulvio was introduced early to tango by Arturo Penon, the first “bandeonista” in Osvaldo Pugliese’s orchestra.

He has since performed in the best orchestras in Argentina: Sexteto Mayor, Rascacielos, Rascasuelos, El Desquite, and Sexteto Sur. Fulvio also participated in the most recognized tango festivals in Europe and Latin America- England, France and the Festival Mundial de Tango in Buenos Aires. He has recorded numerous compositions as an arranger, compositor, and performer.

The Social Tango Project is a tribute to each dancer.
I am currently interested in developing new projects with artists from different disciplines to bring tango, in all of its forms, to a broader audience.
I am passionate about new people discovering such a language so mysterious and yet so accessible.”