Photo Direction

Nora is widely recognized in Argentina for her portraits of famous musicians like Charly Garcia, Luis Alberto Spinetta, and Gustavo Cerati. Nora also built her expertise in theater in a number of roles. She directed shows like “Relampagos de lo Invisible” (2007) and “Tapiz Pizarnik” (2010); she also designed the lights support for “Asco”(2010) and “La vida Terrenal” (2010). Nora also worked with many movie directors, in particular Luis Ortega in “Los Santo Sucios” (2009) and “Luz y Fer” (2006).

Nora directed, together with Alvarez Santiago Loza and Martin Churba, the video theater performance of “Yo Tenia un Alma Buena”(2013).

Nora has given many talks and conferences in domestic and overseas universities. She has exhibited her work individually and collectively. In 2012, Nora published her first book –a collection of short texts– “Sin Sueño se Duerme Tambien.”